Mark T.

My name is Mark Trusson and I am based in Somerset UK. My qualifications are: M.Ed in education, B.Ed (Hons) in education - Maths and PE, NPQH, SIP accreditation. 

I have been teaching for over 20 years. I was a Headteacher of a secondary school in the UK until August 2016. I have taught maths and statistics for many years and to all secondary age students and abilities. I've also been a private maths tutor and have supported students in their GCSE maths and statistics courses.

My teaching philosophy is to ensure all students progress to the maximum of their ability. This starts with quality first teaching and will be enhanced through interventions, coaching and appropriate revision support. I work hard to form positive and motivational relationships with my students and ensure that I provide engaging and well differentiated lessons that allow students to learn in a safe but stimulating environment. 

Online learning is a flexible teaching and learning experience that allows students to learn at times that are appropriate for them and in an environment, that meets their needs. The content of online sessions can reinforce the work that students have undertaken in the classroom and can give students the opportunity to revise, reframe and develop their learning to ensure full understanding. At times online learning may provide students with learning prior to the same topic in the classroom which will allow them to develop at a faster pace and maximize their progress. The use of technology facilitates opportunities to ask questions either publicly or privately and this will allow students to feel comfortable within their learning. The recordings are also invaluable so students can revisit a lesson to ensure they are able to fully understand the topic at a pace that suits their needs. 

Maths GCSE

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