Amera K.

My name is Amera. I am based in West Yorkshire, UK. 

I obtained Biomedical Science degree in 2001 from Bradford University and then completed PGCE in secondary science to be qualified as Science teacher. My specialised subject is Biology up to A levels and I can teach GCSEs in all sciences Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 

Currently, I am a Lecturer at a College in UK and mainly teach Biology at GCSE and A level standard. I have over 10 years of teaching experience and taught both in secondary schools and FE colleges. From my experience I have gained considerable subject knowledge in every aspect of teaching and learning; this includes teaching subject material in accordance to specification and awarding body requirements for wide range of exam boards, producing innovative and differentiated teaching resources to meet learners learning needs as well as motivate and engage learners by incorporating effective assessments strategies to enable learners to make progress and work to their full potential. I have been doing one to one tutoring for the past four years which I thoroughly enjoy. Being in position to facilitate knowledge to the learners and see them improve and achieve good grades makes it worthwhile. 

In my teaching experience I ensured the syllabus is covered and my learners are developing conceptual knowledge and understanding as well as developing range of skills which allows them to become confident independent learners who take ownership of their learning. 

I am extremely enthusiastic teacher and work to foster curiosity and ambition by planning lessons that have lesson openers that grab attention and plenaries that develop learning at a higher level as well as providing constructive feedback and setting achievable targets. 

Setting clear learning objectives, highlighting steps for success and enabling learners to take ownership of their own learning targets encourages a strong sense of achievement and effective self-assessment. I prepare stimulating and innovative learning environment, by tailoring subject content to the learner’s ability. The use of visual and interactive aids, as well as creating healthy competition between students provides them an opportunity to excel and demonstrate their knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject. My interactive teaching style demands learners to participation and challenges their abilities. My lessons encompassed different learning styles to cater for all types of learners as well as develop learners problem solving and exam techniques by providing exam tips and practice. 

Online learning helps students to do develop their knowledge and understanding of the subject at comfort of their own homes and yet collaborate with tutor and learners from all over the world. Online learning allows students to engage with interactive methods of teaching and learning. It develops self-esteem and confidence in students to take ownership of their learning and achieve their full potential. 

Biology GCSE

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