About 4D e-Learning

What do you mean by a virtual classroom application?

A virtual classroom application is a web-based online learning environment, developed to replicate the on-campus classroom. It allows participants to engage in discussions, interact and communicate with other participants as well as view and share online resources remotely.

How do I join the class?

After you sign up and pay using our secure online payment methods available, we will send you the link and time of your session. To join the session, click on the link. First time users will be prompted to download .exe file. Make sure you have headphones and you are in a quiet place where you can concentrate.

Do I need a very high-speed internet connection?

You do not need a very high-speed internet connection. A stable 2Mbps connection is adequate.

What if I don't have a microphone?

As long as you have speakers or headphones to be able to listen to the lesson, you can interact with the tutor and other students through instant chat and other features available within the application.

My examination board is different. What should I do?

Different examination boards have slight variations on the syllabus. However, the main structure of the syllabus and skills tested are similar overall. Our tutors will ensure these variations are highlighted and all relevant topics are properly discussed. They will also use breakout sessions to cover larger discrepancies between boards.

The pace of the class is too fast for me. What should I do?

Our tutors prepare and deliver their lessons to include differentiation for a range of learning abilities. If at any point, you feel that the pace of the lesson isn’t suitable, you can use the go-slow option in the application to inform the tutor.

There is something I want to discuss from a previous lesson. What should I do?

Our tutors will quickly recap the learning outcomes from the previous session at the start of each lesson. You can raise your hand through our application and ask for further clarification if needed.

I am travelling for a week. Can I attend lessons on the go?

As long as you have the recommended internet connection, you can attend the sessions using your mobile, tablet or desktop device.