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Are you aspiring for a successful career?

In a highly competitive world, your CV must make you stand out above the crowd to get an interview call. Likewise a well-prepared interview will help you land into your dream job!  If you want to know the art of doing this, join Rizwan Hasan for a free webinar on crafting an impressive CV and performing your best in an interview. This program is for university students and young professionals wanting to enhance their skills for career advancement.

About Rizwan Hassan

Rizwan is based in the UK. He has had a highly successful career in large global companies with more than 22 years of leadership, management, sales and technology experience working for Ericsson, Samsung and Lucent Technologies. He was CTO in Ericsson UK until last year. Rizwan’s passion is to transfer his knowledge and skills to others who also want to be successful in their careers. 

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