About 4D e-Learning

About Us

4D eLearning Limited is an educational technology startup based in London, UK. As the online community continues to grow, the education sector is also evolving with increasing opportunities for distance learning. We supply the growing educational needs with experienced teachers and cutting-edge resources to create an engaging, learner-centred environment. 

We help students achieve their highest potential by offering interactive and collaborative lessons that cater for GCSE, A2 and A-Level students in all core subjects, using the  industry’s best virtual classroom systems. Our courses are taught by fully qualified tutors, thus affording students around the world the opportunity to receive a first-rate education. 

4D eLearning was formed in response to a growing number of families requiring tutors to help their children develop effective learning strategies and improve academic success. To hire experienced, local tutors or attend after-school tuition programmes presents a variety of challenges with regard to time, expense and logistics for a busy, working family. To make quality learning affordable and within reach, we recruited qualified tutors with a wealth of experience in British and international teaching institutions, who are each expert within their own field to teach from our virtual classrooms. 4D eLearning allows your child to study and learn from the comfort of their own home and with no commute, they can achieve an ideal balance between work and play.